contacting amel for parts



I am trying to contact Amel to order a few parts, something I haven't done before.

The number I see to use is 330546551731, and I was told that to dial direct, I needed to preface the call by dialing 011. Seems like a hell of a lot of numbers, however I haven't had to dial France before.

If anyone would be kind enough to let me know if that is the number, or if there is another one to use, I would be greatly appreciative of that information.

I tried emailing and never received a response. It would seem that emailing would be a much more efficient means to order parts. The email I used was provided on the Amel website.

I have actually dialed the number sequence I listed above, and never get through, it always sounds busy. The operator says she is connecting my call, so I assume that the number is correct.


Jeff 54 #14


Hello Jeff,

I use this number to get Mrs. Kessler: 0033 494 57 09 40

Fair winds,


Just uploaded the business card of AMEL which i received in Jan. 2015 with the numbers around the world.

galacsea2000 <no_reply@...>

From the US :011 means international call 
                         33 means France, they have a 10 digit number BUT when you call from overseas you drop the zero in from of the number 

011 33  546551731

Easy does it