Retrofit Diesel heater

Paul Osterberg


We plan to sail full time and hopefully all the way around the world, the first two seasons we plan to spend in the Mediterranean, other destinations we will consider are US East coast up to NY, New Zeeland, but no firm plan as we have no time constraint.

Now to my questions our SM has no diesel heater.


Is it any need for a heater? I have frequently sail in Scandinavia during spring and fall without a heater, and sometime I really missed the heater but as it was only during short weekends we newer installed any on our previous boats


When retrofit a diesel heaters can one use the same duct as for the AC?


Paul S/Y Kerpa SAM#259


I just finished replacing my diesel heater with a D4. The boat is a Sharki, marasmus, and SM's need the D5. Yes I had to modify the connection slightly to pipe air into the boat. Total cost was about $2'500 USD INSTALLED. Well worth it to me as I dislike the cold. My sharki is an 88.