Bulge in Engine Hatch Cover and elsewhere.

Craig Briggs

I've separated this topic out from earlier emails (about delaminating washboards) as I may have a similar issue.  I know Amel embedded metal plates with threaded holes in the hinge mounting plates of the fiberglass cockpit floor to received the bolts from the engine room hatch cover hinges. 

Is it possible they also embedded metal plates for your hatch opening pistons (I don't have those on my Santorin) and that they have corroded over time, expanded inside the fiberglass and are causing the bulging in the fiberglass floor?  That would explain why Riza's fix didn't eliminate the bulge.  (It also would suggest the bulging may continue - it's all very slow, of course.)

I ask because it looks like I may have a similar issue at the base of the aft-most port stanchion.  For your engine hatch cover bulges, would it make sense to put some passivating chemical on it, like phosphoric acid, to stop further damage or as a preventive treatment for those who don't have damage appearing yet?

Craig Briggs, SN#68, Sangaris

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Thanks Bill,

I will endeavour to go and see him this summer. What does surprise me is that this happens at all. The hatch is not often left open for long periods and when closed there should be little upward thrust. But happen it does.



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No he was not able to level the floor where the bulges are and he did not attempt to level the bulge, but I think they have gone down slightly now that the upward pressure is spread out over a larger area.

I would certainly recommend Riza doing this. He has got it down to a simple fix. In fact any Amel visiting Turkey should have this done by Riza.

BeBe 387

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Thanks Bill.

I am planning on visiting Rizla this summer. I too have the bulge in the engine hatch cover. After he modified your hatch, was he able to level the floor?


Ian Shepherd Sm2K Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus

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I believe Eric KIMBERLITE 376 resurfaced the companionway door.

BeBe 387

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My companionway washboard had become grubby due to rubber deposits from
the bottom seal so I decided to sand it down not realizing that the
outer surface was a wafer thin teak veneer. The inevitable happened and
I sanded through to the marine ply underneath. Teak veneer is not
available in Cyprus so my best interim option will be to paint the
washboard pending being able to resurface the panel.

Has anyone removed the washboard without removing the dodger, and if so,
how? There are 4 screws on the outside of the frame. If these are
removed, will the out frame come out without damaging the gelcoat? If
anyone has successfully done this, I would be grateful for any information.


Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader (2003) Larnaca Cyprus

pepinoamel <no_reply@...>

Hi Joel Potter & Olivier Beaute,

Maybe one of you can chime in and explain to us how to properly rectify the problem with the bulge on the engine hatch cover.  I also have the bulge and have been considering putting stainless steel plates on the inside as some others have done but I cannot see any compression or stress cracks on the inside where the struts are mounted.  That makes me think there might be something else at play and not just the force from the struts pushing it through to the outside.  Is there corrosive metal built into the hatch?

Your or anybody elses input would be much appreciated.

Gerhard Hoffmann

SM381, Pepino