Watermaker Fuse

Wolfgang Weber <webercardio@...>

Happy eastern,
my dessalator  Duo watermaker works well on  generator 220 V for hours, but stops working on 24 V after 1 h by breaking  of the fuse. I measured the  current - 30 Amp.
Dessalator  recommended  to change to a 40 or 50 Amp. fuse and say that Amel  used 30 Amp. fuse.
Did someone had the same problem and changed the fuse?

Thank you

Wolfgang Weber  SY ELISE /  Amel 54 / #162


To your information,
the drawings of Amel say 40 Amp. fuse, on board the original fuse is 60 Amp.
The problem for  the shutoff was the kind of fuse - original it is thermal-mechanic working and I think from  the temperature in the engineroom the fuse will shut off  on lower Amp.
I changed to a Carlingswitch  60 Amp. - using hydraulic-magnetic tecnology - which is now working for hours

.Wolfgang Weber  SY Elise Amel 54 # 162

Ralph Heilig

Hallo Wolfgang,

My Dessalator Duo also once had the problem after long motoring (3 days nonstop) and a hot engine room. It only run 30min and then switched the fuse. After cooling down the engine room temp (after a day or so), it worked fine again.

I did not Change the fuse yet, but if you have detailed Information what fuse you installed and if it fits with the existing type (easy mounting?) I would be happy,

SY Santa Isabella
AMEL 54 #144

Wolfgang Weber <webercardio@...>

Hi Ralph,
I changed the original fuse (which is working thermal and therefore not apropiate for the engineroom) to a switch/fuse  from Carling Technologies which is working hydraulic magnetic.Sorry but I have the papers in germany. 
I bought one from SVB and one from the German Dealer .
Easy to Change,  fits in the original place, only the hole in the front should be a little bigger.
Since changing no more trouble.
Fair winds Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54#162 Tortola