SSB HF Antenna

Peter Forbes

Can someone kindly tell me the length or description or part number of the SSB HF radio anr=tenna which is normally on the rear starboard deck of the Amel yachts?

Peter Forbes
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I found this some time ago.

I think it is the source used on Super Maramus...not 100% sure.

BeBe 387

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Peter:  

I just saw your post on the SSB whip antenna.  The plastic mounting ball at the base of my original Amel fitted SSB antenna failed and was un-repairable.  I was in St. Thomas, USVI at the time and ordered a replacement Shakespeare 23 ft, Series 390, SSB antenna through Island Marine Outfitters,


The antenna comes with a 1 inch threaded base that screws onto this base fitting  .  So as not to have to drill new holes in the deck, I used the existing aluminum 4 screw base mount and with an appropriate sized washer and nut, the 1 inch threaded antenna swivel base mount attached to the existing Amel deck fitting.  Everything else remained the same and the reception/transmission, if anything is improved.

I remove the antenna and stow it belowdecks during hurricane season and the threaded base makes this a very quick and easy task compared to the fiddly pin mount of the original antenna.

All the best, 

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona   Amel SM #335