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Welcome to the group.

I believe that if your bow thruster was installed by Amel at the time it was built, it will be very much like, if not identical to early Super Maramus. I think that I am correct that late model Sharkis had Amel Bow Thrusters.

The rest off my email assumes that your Sharki has an Amel made bow thruster:

In troubleshooting the bow thruster, start with the simple things first. Before you go through the list below, have you released the mechanical safety pin that holds the bow thruster UP?

The following list increases in difficulty as you check each item, and is designed to be performed in sequence:

1.) What is the condition of your batteries? Have they been load checked and are they in good condition?
2.) There will be two circuit breakers controlling the bow thruster. One for low amp control circuit, one for high amp operations. Can you locate them? Are they each ON?
3.) There is an electronic control box near the bow thruster. Is it getting voltage?
4.) Are the support wire cables and the blocks for the cables free to move? Is there any other mechanical obstruction?
5.) Does the control box receive the electrical command to turn to small motor to lower the bow thruster when the switch at the helm is set to lower?
6.) Does the small up/down motor receive voltage from the control box?
7.) Is the small motor working when it receives voltage?

Where are you located? You should always include your model, hull number, and location. There could be someone close to you.

I hope this helps you.

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Hello everyone,

thank you for accepting me in the Group.

My name is Rosario Romano, I am Italian and happy owner of “FINALMENTE’ 1989 Amel Sharki no 173.

I am coming out from 18 months shipyard works for masts repainting, new rigging, new holding tank, new wc and general maintenance.

I have just put the boat back in the water and unfortunately I found the bow thruster stuck in its top position. It is a model Bison of “Propulseur d’etrave Martin”.

Apparently there are no longer spare parts available and the company disappeared. I have written to Amel Med, but the secretary is on holiday. I hope in a answer in two weeks time.

I wonder if some other "Amelien" or "Sharkien" can help with experience, information and whatever you can provide.