Eumenia Mini 5500 Dishwasher Parts


Hi Bill,

Thanks for your response, and thanks even more for all of the docs and photos you have uploaded over the years.  I followed them faithfully to remove the dishwasher, troubleshoot the problem, and identify the parts.  What would probably have taken me days, and that's assuming I didn't break anything doing it blind, was accomplished in hours thanks to your info and guidance.

When did you order the heating element?  Was it recently or some time back?

The email address you used, ersatzteile"at", is the same one I used, but got no response (repeatedly).  I used Google translate to translate my English into German. I have no knowledge of German, so I have no way of knowing if what I wrote made sense, but it's the same method I used in April and May of 2012 when I successfully ordered parts the last time, and they understood it well enough then. ...And that included communicating back and forth with bank wire transfer info and shipping details.

I agree that having a fluent German speaker act on my behalf is an ideal option, and I'm going to take Leo up on his kind offer to contact them.


Steve Constantine
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Gaffney, Drew <drew.gaffney@...>

Two years ago our Eumenia dishwasher filled with water and would not run.  I was told the timer was non-functional and there were no replacements.  I contacted Schabauer Christian at the address below.  He thought it was not the time, but rather a pressure sensor.  No new ones were available, but he had a 'salvaged' part, sent it;  it was easy to install with the dishwasher removed.  The dishwasher works perfectly now.
Maybe the information below may be helpful.  My sense is that these dishwashers were very well made, but are nearing "end-of-life".
A thorough search for replacement DW's was unsuccessful.  The Kiwi dealer only sold new units, but hadn't done so for years.  We were unable to locate a top-loading replacement machine, so it was nice to be able to resuscitate the one we had.
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Hi Drew,

Thanks for the info.  I fear you're spot on with your prognosis regarding the days of dishwashers on board SMs being numbered.  With a "manufacture discontinued" product, the parts are essentially now made out of "Unobtainium". 

I've struggled with the reality that I could go to a lot of trouble and expense replacing the timer, only to discover the dishwasher still doesn't work.  Even if it does solve the present problem, it's only a matter of time until the next unavailable part fails.

I'll wait to see what Leo can find out tomorrow, but maybe it's time to accept the inevitable.

Steve Constantine
s/v Summer Love
SMM #340

Alan Leslie

Re contact email for Eumenia dishwasher.
I did manage to make contact on this address

service_eudora (at)

I was after the mechanism that holds the lid up

The reply in German :

Halterung für Tür leider nicht mehr lieferbar.

Unfortunately this part is no longer available

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