Windlass identification old Maramu 1989 #261

Hello, Do any of you know the manufacturer and even the model number of the Amel supplied windless on my Maramu #261 from 1989 ? There are no markings on it to identify. The PO had it "rebuilt"and when I take the cover off to wiggle my brushes they are looser and smaller that it looks like they should be. I am not sure if it is the wrong brushes or if there is a sleeve missing that they are supposed to slide in. My meter indicates continuity through the brushes but they don't look right to me.  The windlass only works intermittently and when the brushes are disturbed  it will fix it for a little while.

Happy Spring,

Ross in nyc

Also... are there any photos or plans for an arch / davit for my Maramu floating around?.

Andy Croney

Hi Ross,

We are having a solar arch installed on our Maramu in the near future , happy to share .

Fair winds


Maramu #75

Hi Andy.
How soon? Where is your boat?


Hi Ross,

I have a 1982 Lofrans windless and periodically it functions inconsistently.  My solution has been to clean corrosion off the armature.  If the armature is dark I dress it with graphite paper until it is nice and shiney.  I can't address your concern about the loose brushes but you might try sleeving them with strips of aluminum cut from a soda can (I love a McGiver approach).

Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad
Maramu #121