Maramu - Main Mast Grounding / Bonding


Hi,  I have read on a previous thread that the masts are not bonded on the SM. I have a Maramu and it appears to be the same.  What I am not sure is Why this is so.  Should it not be bonded?  

Further I have noticed that the forward through hulls are not bonded either.  I am sure these should be, correct?


Mahiti #147

Alan Leslie

No the masts are not connected to the bonding system, neither is the standing rigging
why is this so...I don't know...
So many things about Amel yachts are in contradiction with commonly perceived Nigel Calder
Certainly it would seem that we have no lightning protection with an unbonded rigging.
What difference would it make if we did connect the masts and rigging to the keel for example.
I can't see that this would compromise the bonding/anti-corrosion system, but may help us with lightning protection.
Maybe Olivier could help us with this question ???

Elyse SM437