Water Heater replacing the electric heating element


I should remind you what I forgot yesterday. When replacing the heating element on a Isotemp Basic 40, be sure to order a gasket. A gasket should come with the element, because it will certainly need replacing. Isotemp does NOT include a gasket.

BTW, my experience is that these heating elements will last about 6 years, then they will crack, or develop a pin hole which will cause a group fault and that will trip the GF breaker on the side of the 220VAC panel and/or shore power.

I had two other issues and the second one of these I am asking for advice:

1.) When I removed the element from the water heater, I used a wet-vac (yes, Bob Rossi) to get all of the sediment out of the water heater. When I examined the content of the wet-vac, I found about 6 large wire-ties....mostly just the big ends of the wire-ties and about 10mm purchase of the small end. These were loose in the bottom of the tank. Has anyone experienced this? My guess is these were used in the manufacturing process and left in the tank.

2.) After the work was complete, we started the water pump and bled the air out at the galley sink. The air came out, all is fine on all taps except I can get almost no hot water flow at the galley sink...everywhere else is fine. Obviously, some trash, or a piece of wire tie is clogging that hot water line somewhere. I know it is not the water spray wand at the galley sink that is clogged, because cold water flows fine.

Any thoughts? 

I am going to start looking in a few hours.


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Ground fault, not "group fault."

Sorry for the typo. 

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Just for your info.
The wire ties you found in the water heater come from the fact that, in the old days, Amel used to install magnesium anodes inside the water heater. These anodes were tied to the heating element connected to the engine cooling mix.