Autohelm ST7000 will not leave Standby



many thanks for all of the tips.  I will try these options in the short term (next weeks), and I will probably get in a local marine electronics workman if I can't fix it myself.  In the medium term, I will install a new system after visiting a couple of boat shows in the Autumn.  In any case I will post back here the cause of the problem when I know it.

For the replacement system from Raymarine, I saw in this thread and others that EV400 is referred to.  On Raymarines website I see:
 - EV1 (the sensor, 12V, dia. 140mm, 0.29kg)
 - ACU 400 (12v or 24v, 30A, clutch connection 4A, 12/24V) [Actuator Control Unit]
 - P70 (cockpit display and controls)
Is this the combination you mean when EV400 is mentioned?  Also, does the EV1 sensor replace the fluxgate compass?  How suitable is this equipment for a Super Maramu? 

SM #151, St Raphael, France


Hi Eamonn,

I believe everything you mentioned is correct. The EV1, which is inertial and not magnetic, does replace the fluxgate; it can be placed anywhere in the boat. The 400 is necessary for a boat the size of a SM.

That said, the entire system is sitting in my car; I will be installing it this week, and let you know for sure.

Tom Peacock
Aletes SM2K 240