Eberspächer D5 Installation


Nautic-Elec just completed an installation of a diesel heater on Peregrinus.  Nothing out of the ordinary, as No. 350 already had the Amel forced ventilation system; essentially, the two original Jabsco fans get cut out, and the heater is installed where the fans originally went.   The factory ducting in the locker is then upgraded to heat-shielded ducting; a diesel line and a little pump must also be fit, and the heater requires a combustion exhaust which forces perforation of the hull about a meter above the waterline.

Some random items learned during the process:

1.  Newer Super Maramu 2000s had the air inlet relocated to the base of the little portside locker at the base of the mizzen mast.  We used the old inlet in the backrest of the long portside bench; other than the fact this older inlet can get accidentally blocked by its cover or by a cushion, the reason for the relocation wasn't otherwise made explicit.

2.  Newer Super Maramu 2000s had a closable outlet in the steel tube that runs across the aft heads.  We had the choice of upgrading this tube, but the cost was high and one sees where this could be of great benefit to others, but given our wet gear habits and needs, we did not upgrade.

3.  We were initially advised only one controller can be fit.  This may or may not have been true with the old controllers still on sale for the U.S. and U.K. markets, but is not true for the latest generation controllers with yellow-orange backlit screens.  We have:

Easystart Select Part 22 1000 34 13 00

Easystart Remote+ Part 22 1000 34 17 00

For example, we are able to start a heating or ventilation cycle from the bulkhead fixed controller in the salon and to turn it off from the RF wireless remote from a sleeping cabin.  The exact desired temperature can be adjusted from either controller, and the current temperature is shown on both displays.

To run two controllers simultaneously you must hook up the purple wire.  This is not shown on either manual for the above; it is shown on the "Special Functions and Diagnostics" separate technical manual no-one tells you about.

4.  Eberspächer will ship you, at least in Europe, old-stock heaters with screen-less controllers, with reduced functionality and reduced expandability.  Beware.

5.  After experiencing moderate whine on the aft cabin outlet (same as the old ventilation system), we upgraded the ducting with an Eberspächer silencer.  Upside: the outlet is entirely quiet.  It is so quiet, you can now lightly hear the whine of the heater itself, enclosed in the portside locker.  Downside: airflow is reduced.  Winter will tell if this was a suboptimal decision!

Many thanks to Eric of s/y Kimberlite for all the aid, tips, and research undertaken.  This installation would most certainly have been a lot less satisfactory without his incredible and friendly input in NY and in Ft L.