Topside wood trim - older Maramu

Hello, The wood trim in the cockpit is looking worn and I would like to renew the finish. Since the finish is only partially gone on only some of the pieces, I was hoping to do a quick sand and then paint on new finish. I don't think that poly, varnish and lacquer are compatible so IF the worn finish is original what did the factory use in 1989 ? Thanks, Ross


Hi Ross,

As always, Joel's answer is spot on.  However what he didn't emphasize was that your "touch-up" idea will be unsatisfying.  Any part of the trim with bare wood showing will finish differently than the rest regardless of what you use.  If you want your trim looking like leopard skin, then do the touch up, otherwise you are best to bite the bullet and strip it all down as Joel suggests.

Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad
Maramu #121