Maramu #105 - Cerulean Needing Davit Advice


Ironically, i just did the opposite of you.  I really disliked not being able to row and having to lug around a heaving engine.  

My Carib dinghy with a tahotsu engine 9.8 hp is for sale in Deltaville.  

I just purchased a nestinglite dinghy from craigslist.  Small world they guy i bought it from used to own an amel maramu.  



how ironic. 

I just bought a nesting dinghy because i don't like my Rib.  Want to Buy it


The stern of a Maramu is a pretty narrow spot to mount davits. I took a set of Kato davits in trade for a windvane install with the idea of using them. Ultimately I just sold them and continued to use a halyard to get the dinghy off and on the boat. I think that's the way the Cap'n intended as well. 

Inflatables suck IMHO. If I were in the market for a dinghy I'd be calling you today to buy that beautiful nesting dinghy of yours. You could add some inflatable sponsons to that to make it a bit more stable for you landlubber sailing guests. Or maybe add a flip down swim platform to the transom to make it easier to get on and off the dinghy. Are you bent on having a RIB? You could easily store a dinghy on top of the aft cabin. Some of the ones with the inflatable bottoms handle okay. We carried a Porta-Bote and an old Avon inflatable. The inflatable stored in the lazarette when on a passage. When anchored it lived on top of the aft cabin. I like having two dinghies so one is a decoy and gives people the impression that we are aboard the boat. Boats that look occupied are less likely to be burglarized. 


Fellow Owners,

I've decided to get a 8ft6in RIB for our trusty Cerulean and wanted to discuss the various options (from custom to premade + hybrid).

Would like to keep the cost to a minimum without sacraficing the durability and strength.

I know there are a lot of previous threads on this issue but some go all the way back to '02!

Any additions or updates to the most simple, cost effective solution are much appreciated.



ALSO NOTE: I'm selling our GigHarbor sail dinghy, it's simply too difficult for my lady + dog to get in and out of. It's perfect for the aft deck if anyone is interested:

10' Gig Harbor Navigator Sailboat - Nesting - $3950 (Marina Del Rey)