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Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

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Brava (SM2K #400) appears to have come equipped with floor-level lighting in each of the cabins. I am not sure this was a standard feature, or an 'extra'. 

I presume it is red lighting to allow one to find your way below-decks without stubbing your toe, or ruining your night vision by turning on white lights.  Does anyone know how these lights are turned on?  Is it the same switch on the 24 volt panel as the rheostat that controls the compass light?

The previous owner changed a few things in the 24V panel, so any hints as to how these lights are supposed to be connected would be greatly appreciated.

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SM2K#400 Brava

Gaffney, Drew <drew.gaffney@...>

On our boat, there is a single toggle switch on the starboard side of the space above the galley. It's very near the "ignition interrupt". The masthead strobe light toggle switch is also there.
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Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Thanks Drew and Eric.  When I get back to Brava in November I will see if I can find these two switches.  I did not know there was a masthead strobe light!  My ignition cutout is in a different place, so maybe these switches are also set up in different places?  

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SM2K#400 Brava
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We got tired of opening up the electrics/electronics panel every evening and morning to turn on/off the red lighting system.

Early this year, when we copied the Amel-55 Cabriolet cockpit overhead lighting in our bimini and added the exact-same Italian switchgear as they used on the 55, we added a second switch right next to it to turn on/off the red lighting.   Both switches sit very discreetly, above the counter near the companionway.

The original white-box switch inside the electrics/electronics compartment is still there, clearly labeled: "LEAVE ON PERMANENTLY - USE OUTSIDE SWITCH".  It sits next to the strobe light switch.

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