Bamar Furler replacements/upgrade from Bamar


The following was posted for Gian Piero Staffa, 54 Owner of Now or Never.

Gian states the following:

I hear from more than one 54 owner that they have experienced problems with the BAMAR furlers motors, mainly due to water coming into the gears blocking the movement. So far I did not experienced such problems ( only Boxtron sensitivity issues) but since I will use my 54 extensively I do have concerns so back in July I decided to ay a visit to Bamar to buy some spares and discuss this issue. IN fat Bamar Factory is just 45 minutes away form the place I live when I am in Italy. They gave developed a new furler that is completely waterproof, it has more power and consumes less current. I did consider to buy the Reckman unit that is equipped on the Amel 55 but it is far too expensive. The new Bamar looks to have the same performance and technology and it was offered to me at about 1/3 the cost of the Reckman. I asked Bamar if they would consider to extend the offer to other Amel 54 owners and they said yes, so I am attaching a letter from Bamar with the complete offer. You can contact Bamar directly mentioning this offer or you can write to me if you need assistance with the Language. Bamar has been extremely helpful and understaning. Actually, they told me that already in the year 2005 they told Amel that the MEJ motor was OK for the trinquette but not for the genoa that required more power.

I like and respect Gian. I will post his contact information later 
Look for the notification of the letter from Bamar to Gian which I will upload shortly.


BeBe #387

Mohammad Shirloo

Hello Bill;

Thank you for your post of Gian's comments on the Bamar Furler. We had the same exact issue on both furlers due to water intrusion from the top seal of the furlers. Riza from Emek Marin had it taken care of by the only Bamar authorized repair technician in Turkey. All gears, bearings and belts had to be replaced. The tech feels that the repair should be good for another 5 years and the main issue was that Bamar never greased the top seal at the factory. The tech informed us that bamar has now got new designs out and they have also eliminated the belt drive and have gone to a direct drive..

We are however looking for a more permanent solution and were looking into both Reckman and New Bamar. I have e-mailed Gian for a copy of the letter.

Aty and Mohammad
B&B Kokomo
Amel 54 #99