Amel Sconces


So I dropped my Amel sconces off at Baltimore Brass Works for re-furbishment.  The lamps are incandescent and I am thinking of converting them to LED>

Small one are BA15D and the large sconce is a BA25D (15 & 25mm respectively).  The BA15D LED bulbs are easy to get. I'm hoping warm white works. The BA25D is another story.  I can keep the incandescent bulb, if I have to, but I hoping if anyone knew where I can get a BA25D LED bulb.

The other option is to change out the socket.  

The lamps are to be re-wired, polished and re-lacquered.  So anyone have any ideas as to what to replace it with?  I was thinking possibly an E14 type socket (Edison screw type socket 14mm).  I have about 1 1/8" diameter to work with 



Sharki #163

Hello Aras,

No idea with regard to the bulbs, but with regard to the polish and re-lacquering, great project!  

We had our factory-issue "Naudet" baro and clock, which had rust-like spots below the lacquer, polished and lacquered in Fort Lauderdale about 9 months ago and they look just like new.  The key is that the lacquer must be applied soon after the polishing, for otherwise the brass starts to develop patina soon afterwards.

At anchor, Sezimbra, Portugal