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Can anyone recommend one or more marine surveyors schooled in Amels (SM) for the mid-Atlantic? Specifically Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina. I hope to have the need of one in the next couple of weeks. If desired, please e-mail me at russ(dot)roberts(dot)va(at)gmail(dot)com.



Duane Siegfri

I guess that sums up the general opinion on recommendations.

Gary Wells

I had a highly recommended surveyor ce to us, flew him in, put him up in a hotel and had high hopes. After purchase I found a few missed items, one of which was rather important so all in all I can not wholeheartedly recommend him.
Having said that, I am currently amidst 3 other SM owners and will ask them directly today although I believe none were from your immediate atea.
I'll check on that today and let you know what I learn.

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Gary Wells

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I have had a good experience with a surveyor in Newport, RI.  He is William Coble. 401 295 1389.  cobleboatsurveys@... .

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I have had a good experience with a surveyor in the Newport, RI area.  He is William Coble.  401 295 1389,  cobleboatsurveys@... .


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       Now that you have a lot of recommendations it will pay dividends to ensure that you select one who has actually surveyed an Amel. If you check the history of this site you will find postings referring to surveyors not understanding some of the Amel systems, how to switch on the bow thruster for example and reporting that it didn't work.
It would also be worth contacting Olivier privately for a  possible recommendation
of someone in your area.
Good luck with your search.

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