Anchors for a Santorin

joseph mc donnell

Thanks Christoph for raising the subject of anchors. After a summer in Croatia, I was disapointed with our CQR, particularly when trying to set it in sea grass. That along with the deep anchoring, has pushed us to look at changing our main anchor. If any Santorin owner has changed to one of the newer brands Rocna, Bugel, Mason, Bruce or Delta, which worked and at what weight. Also was there a need to alter the bow roller to accommodate the new anchor and was there a need to up grade the chain from 8mm to 10mm.
Regards. Joe

Ian Park

I had a CQR on my last boat and it would not set well. I bought a Spade 100 and it was really great. It was oversize for my previous boat but I knew I would be changing to a bigger boat. I bought a Santorin two years ago. It had a CQR with 8mm chain. I swapped to 100m of 10 mm as I though 8 was a bit light for the weight of boat and changed the gypsy too. Shortly after the Spade anchor shaft bent slightly (the shaft is hollow to make it lighter). I have kept the Spade as it is a good anchor, but have replaced it with a Rocna 25. It has performed really well. It is plenty big enough for the Santorin. I have had to file away a couple of centimetres of the fibreglass on the top of the bow roller to accommodate the top of the shaft. It fits perfectly. It does not self launch easily like the Spade did, so I do have to release a bit of chain and give a push with my foot to let it sit at an angle on the roller if I want to operate it from the cockpit.

I also have a Fortress FX 23 as a bower and that works very well.

The Spade and Rocna are both brilliant anchors. The slight bending of the shaft inclines me to recommend the Rocna.

Ian. 'Ocean Hobo' SN96


Hi, I saw that the SPADE 120 is ok on the bow roller of the SN,not as it seems for Rocna 25. But Rocna proposes another  anchor : VULCAN  that still seems more suitable because has the shaft like Spade. Whats about it?  Greetongs. Enio