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Donato Valente


Unfortunately my partner in Portorico has to change the gears on the
electric line tender on the boom of our SM 2000 (year 2004).
He is having the assistance of a local 'technician' but unsuccesfully.
The gears are completely gone and need to dismantle the whole line
tender since it seems blocked (rust, salt etc).
How to start to free the vertical shaft ? starting from the cap on
top, or freeing the bottom gears first.
I apologize for my very poor description.
Any suggestions ?
Is there any drawing on the net ?
Many thanks for your help

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           Go into the Files section and look under Amelliahona Outhaul Gearbox written by Gary Silver and possibly Bill Rouse of Bebe.
You will get very clear instructions how to proceed.
Also, it would be much better to have the new seals, gears and bearings before you start.
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Stephen Davis

Hello Donato,

I just remembered that I have a new Leroy Somer gearbox I purchased from Emek Marine as a spare last year. If you need the gearbox to repair your boat, I'd be happy tp sell it to you, and I will just purchase another spare for myself. It was $1400.00 US from Emek Marine when I purchased it last year. 

We are a few miles away in Culebra with our SM, and you could probably ride the $5.00 ferry from Fajardo to here this afternoon to pick it up, or I can look for a way to ship it from here. They have very few services on Culebra, and I suspect shipping is not a great option, but I'd be willing to check into it. We are also planning to be in Fajardo on December 1st, but I would guess you may need the part sooner. 

Let me know if you are interested soon, as we are planning to sail over to Vieques on Saturday. 

Steve Davis
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