Marine Electronics - Autopilot


Hello All,

This is my first post here. I am closing on a 1986 Amel Mango and need to replace the electronics. I am planning on buying the new Raymarine eS system and replacing the existing chain driven autopilot. Does anybody have any thoughts on the best way to connect the Raymarine Evolution autopilot?

Thank You
Jay Wagamon


Hi Jay,

I did the same on my Maramu, though I use a B&G control unit. I assume the Mango is not so much different from it.
I installed a Raymarine Lineardrive Type 2 under the aft cabin bunk. I got a stainless steel arm welded to one of the two sides of the existing "handles" where the steering cables are attached.
I had to drill a hole into both the side of the bunk and the compartment with the rudder shaft to connect the "arm" to the drive piston.

Don't have a photo of the complete installation here, only can show you what happened when the piston got loose and broke an additional hole into the sid of the bunk ;)

I kept the original autopilot as a backup.