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Hi, a while back there was a thread about replacing headlinings in which one of our members Dave Benjamin mentioned using a material called Lonseal. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this and if so what the results were like. I have searched for a way to contact Dave but in truth I am not that adept at finding my way around this site. However I know that other Amel owners were interested in this product and would really like to hear from anyone who has come up with a way of sorting this problem. Replacing the headlining is a horrid job which I have already done once and it is truly depressing to see the lining we put on 7/8 years ago come away from the roof already! This time it's gonna be for keeps! 

Thanks as always 


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Deb good morning,
Yes changing the liner is hell.
I used a good quality liner (no foam) on the ceiling, but instead of gluing it, we first installed thin strips of wood to the ceiling (using glue) in the direction of the boat´s length and not too close together (about 1m apart or more) and then we stretched and stapled the material on to the wood strips, and then covered the staples with the original Amel wood trimming. It just takes some planning to make sure you don´t end up with too many of these trimmings. It worked well for me. So the vinyl is actually "floating" over the fiberglass, which is also a very irregular surface and would show through the fabric, that is why they used the foam type.  However we did glue down the bulkheads, fuel tank and vertical surfaces because it is less of a problem there.
I´ll try posting some pictures if I find them.

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Andy Croney

Hi Deb,

we are at replacing / upgrading all the soft fabrics on the boat hull , side of aft berths saloon lockers etc. We have also used this material extensively on Landside applications.

You might want to check it our - made in France.

Just a thought and maybe an alternative.

Pleased to say that the previous owner put on a great headliner for us, which is holding up well :-) so we don't face this project ...............yet

Good Luck and all the best

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We replaced the liner on the surfaces of our forward and aft heads.  We were able to get our hands on a felt-backed vinyl.  We used spray-on adhesive and only needed to put on both the felt surface and the boat surface (like you would for contact cement) for the ceiling surfaces.  It turned out quite nice as the felt seemed to absorb the surface variations nicely and the felt will not deteriorate like the foam did.  The only problem was the material came in rolls that were not wide enough to do a headliner in the salon.  You would need to cover a seam with a batten.

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