Inverter for Microwave/Outlets

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Jamie and Wolfgang,
The 2500W and the 800W inverters are under the table. There is space enough.
The environment is less challenging then in the engine room.


Ofer Magen

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Hi to all.
I did not replace the 800W inverter.
The 2500W inverter is installed facing the 800W's bloking a beat the space. It is mounted on the back wall of the drawers under the navigation table.

Ofer Magen

Wolfgang Weber <webercardio@...>

Hi Ofer,
Did you replace your 800 Watt Inverter with the 2500 Watt inverter or did you add it with new and bigger cable to the batteries ?
I was thinking to replace the 40 A charger to the combi charger/inverter Mastervolt Ultra combi 3500 Watt /100 A which includes a Solar charger. By the way I need bigger DC powercable to the batteries .
Wolfgang Weber SY ELISE Amel 54 # 162

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Hi Jamie,

The 2500W inverter in my boat Alba -Amel 54 , is located under the navigation tabel. It was installed by Emek Marin.
They also conected the micro wave to the inverter so that it can work on the batteries or on the generator or shore power.
Regards and good luck,
Ofer Magen
Alba A54 #160


I am installing an inverter in my Amel 54 to power the microwave and 230V outlets. I want to install it exactly per the electrical schematics I have from Amel. I believe this was an option (Mastervolt 2.5-kVA/230V/50Hz) that I do not currently have. The only difference is that I will be putting in a manual transfer switch rather than the automatic switch Amel would have installed. That way I can keep shore power connected in the US and still use the microwave and outlets without having to start the generator or disconnect 60Hz power to the boat, keeping the battery charger running in parallel. The automatic switch would be fine on 50Hz power.

For those out there who have the inverter installed, where is it mounted? In the engine compartment along the portside wall where the battery chargers are mounted? There is not much room there.



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