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I own L'ORIENT, SM2K #422, currently in Bonaire. I have a very slow drip from the stuffing box that increases somewhat in sailing conditions. I have read every post twice regarding this topic and hope the "old salts" can shed some light on this. My nylon nut under the quadrant is secured in place by a siezing plate (two screws) so a small tightening turn would involve re-siting this plate. I'm due for a haulout in about 6 months. 

My inclination is to give it a small tightening turn and see if that improves things. My understanding is that with some finesse, this maneuver can be done without removing the quadrant and attachments. Can someone suggest a grease or materials used in repacking this if/when it comes to that ? If a better approach exists I'm all ears. I'm aware that a lot of things get broken on boats when over-reacting to small problems. Thanks.

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The plate keeps the nut from turning unintentionally.  Remove the two screws.  An adjustable flat wrench (75mm) will work.  Turn the nut so the next side is facing where the small plate will keep it from turning.  It’s 1/6th of one turn.  Look at the pictures Bill (SVBEBE) posted 20 Feb 2009.  Search “Rudder post stuffing” in the photo section.  I bought the flat adjustable wrench from a plumbing supply store on line for $15 USD.  It’s hard to turn, which is why it’s good to have a suitable wrench.  We’ve done ½ turn in 9yrs.

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