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Andrew et al.

I am in to be a "founding member" financially - both startup costs and by subscription.  I suggest that the subscription, if it comes to that, be yearly rather than monthly, but will go with the flow of what everyone else wants to do.  I have very little tech expertise.  My one request is that for the new site the text, not just the subject lines or album names or file names, is fully searchable.  Please no advertising if at all possible!

Derick Gates
SM2K#400 Brava

Gary Wells

Hi all.  I grabbed a couple of domain names,  I have tons of hosting space left and can get the MySQL set up tomorrow (if the wifi connection holds.
Money's not an issue yet.  I have a hosting plan that will allow me to add the domain(s)  and about 50GBytes of traffic / storage at nominal cost.
If I get the forum set up,  then we can select mods/admins and split the whole site out to be autonomous.  Then it'd probably be more than adequate to take a few donations to meet costs rather than a subscription. 

Still working on a furling motor and gearbox among other projects so give me a few days at least.

I think it'll be a cool project. I agree that there may be inherent risk with a startup board but the setups that are out there now are pretty robust.   We can back stuff up to offline drives and try a couple of options of the first try fizzles :) 
Gary W
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Wow Gary, go get'm!

Wanderer, SM#477


If this would cost money it should be sustainable so that it doesn't fizzle out if key people retire or move on or get fed up with the hassle......Being a non-techie... what about some sort of cloud-funding.... One finds information here for free that saves a small fortune and one makes a contribution. The value of one's boat is increased by having such helpful brand support - one makes a contribution etc. Those that are able and willing make a regular contribution etc.


Maybe some transparent support (minus any editorial control) from commercial interest such as key suppliers or brokers or (dreaming) Amel themselves, should be an option. A moderator could every year put on the site a summary of the operating policy and incomings and costs with some transparent compensation for their time and effort. Ideally with many contributors only a very small sum from each person would be needed.


Obviously some complications here, and ideally it',s all done voluntarily, but if this information migrates to an independant forum what happens down the line?


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Aras Grinius <n33077@...>

Change seems inevitable.  Technology changes, so must we if we wish to keep up.  There’s lots of discussion regarding thesechanges /proposals.  I’d like to try andsee if we might get consensus on just exactly what is being proposed.1)     There is a proposal to change the forum.  a.      Do we change the location to something likeGoogle Groups? Or some fee paid service? Or keep our current location?2)     Format changesa.      There is conversation about re-organizing thedatabase.  There seems to be a 50/50split on this.  b.     Reorganize the database to make searches easierc.      Categorize based boat systems                                                              i.     Sub categories on boat model  (Super Maramu’s  are the lions share; however all would benefitif all models were represented )d.     Standardized format for submissions                                                               i.     Based on DATE, Repair, Component /subsystem.  1.      Pictures may be an issue.                                                            ii.     Should we have a standard form to fill out forprocess of repairs?1.      Steps delineated by Step 1, Step 2, etc?2.      Narrative format?3)  Should we examine possible group for format/organization?

The above is just a suggestion for a format.   Looking forward to hearing the responses.

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Thank you Gary. First blush; all looks well. I registered and it's nice that one can his / her profile. Clean simple and elegant; just like Henri would have done...

Gary Wells

Update for today: Merry Christmas!  I get to sit around sipping egg nog and puttering about before guests arrive. Then we're looking at a great dinner and some family time.

In the meantime I got to modify the "Members" Profile page and instead of things like "ICQ, AIM" and other hardly used info I added Boat Model, Year and Hull Number fields. None of it's required during registration (which is still open and it looks like about 20 folks have signed up) but you can add it by going to your Profile section.

I still have to chase a couple of 'permissions' gremlins as some categories aren't allowing replies (yet).  I think I will have to go through each board and make sure nothing is 'inheriting' problems downstream.  

Other than that I think I need some feedback on the categories.  The conundrum is that there is a section on "Super Maramu" discussion, and then another section in maintenance which rightly could include Super Maramu mechanics and electronics.  Just wondering if this seems redundant of if things would be better served with just leaving the boat model categories all inclusive and deleting the whole maintenance board.  The search function is going to be much more robust so I don't know if there is a huge benefit to many categories within the boards.  Having said that, I'm not going to change/delete/add any boards for a while to see if things remain stable as is.

It's only been a few days after all :)

Take care,

Gary W.
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Merry Christmas and thank you for doing all this great work.   Having a workable web site is very valuable.  I watched my boat being built 17 years ago and after about 50,000 miles I am still learning from other owners.


Happy Holidays and New Year.




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On the hard in Newport, RI


Hello Gary,
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year... to be shared with all members of this nice forum.

Many congratulations for the new tentative forum. I just tested it by sending a post in "Current location" and I could join also JPG on Eleuthera by instant mail because he was on line. The interface and functionalities are excellent.

Before going further please, can you have immediate thoughts - and action - on the security of the forum: today everybody can access and do what he wants with it. Including putting a sleeping nasty virus somewhere, wait until everything is loaded and then bomb our database...

I have not found if you defined how we can transfer all data from the Yahoo forum to this one...

The notification system seems not to allow a notification at "board" level but only at each "child" level. It is manageableand allow a very precise choice but a bit heavy if we want to receive warning for complete boards.

No comments on proposed boards and i confirm that the search function is very easy to use and currently instantaneous. I hope it will remain like this under load.

Again "bravo" and many thanks.



Gary, it is again Alain.
I noticed that the post of Eleuthera in Maintenance board is identified as "last post" in the home index summary but, curiously, the number of posts of this board is still set to zero.

Anoher thought: we will have to define a policy with regard to pictures inclusion in mails. A ggo thng is that the forum is limiting joined picture size. However, shall we set a rule saying that for more than one picture, we shall insert pictures in the gallery and put the link in a post? How should the gallery be organised? a mirror of the post structure?

And, if you need help for the forum transfer and reorganisation of historical data, if it can be organised by electronic communication, I am keen to help you

Best regards



Hi Gary,
I investigated solutions for the transfer...
I found this utility shareware download our data.
After having succeeded to retrieve our data, we need to know under which format we have to transfer them in SMF and what is the SMF database file structure . I suppose we can then use FTP to upload to SMF.
Hope it helps
Best reg    


Gary, I am very sad because I asked you to protect the new website and, as this was not done, have a look to  the las posts. Moreover all our mail adresses can be taken and spammed please close it urgently

Gary Wells


Email addresses are never exposed; that was set up from the beginning.  Whoever posted those messages was indeed unwelcome  but was annoying spam and not a security violation. Since there was no registration scheme in place requiring verification, as the whole site is still an experiment, it was open registration.

At this point I secured the site, ensured that the data is protected and instituted a registration and message post verification scheme.  It will be annoying for the first part (registration and your first ten posts) but will prevent any 'bots' from getting loose and posting more garbage like that. 

I also removed the accounts of anyone who registered after 1 January 2016 since they were not verifiable by IP search and did not leave boat model info when they registered. If that inconveniences anyone I am sorry, but it's best not to leave any back doors open. I may need to delete some others if I can't verify them as existing members here.

I left my wonderful world of Wi-Fi a few days ago and am back aboard Adagio. The good thing is that I'm back aboard, the bad thing is that I'm dependent on marina Wi-Fi where I can find it again.  Thankfully I can reach the beach bar's wifi and have locked down the registration process.  I don't ~think~ that will have any effect on current members, except you'll see the prompt to "verify you're a human" for your first ten posts.

Sorry for the care, I don't think anything is burning and I am glad I checked in today :)


Gary W.
SM 209 "Adagio"
BVI ... with a shiny new AIS transceiver today :) 


Where is this new site?

Kind Regards
Barry & Robyn
Tradewinds III SM 171

Gary Wells

www dot amelowners dot net  ... it's a proof of concept right now.  If it comes to pass that 

a) folks like the new format
b) I can figure out how to transfer data from the old to the new format
c) I can find a couple of helpers to moderate the board

then I think we should consider wandering over to this kind of forum.

Gary W.
SM 209 "Adagio"


Hi Gary,
thanks for all the good news.
To be sure staying on a safe side, I unfortunately resigned my registration this morning. I will resubmit a new one by now.
I am volunteering to help you for the transfer of the current data, as you may have seen in a precedent post.
If you agree we can use the new forum functionalities to discuss how to make it happen.
I am in the same conditions you are with regard to internet access. It can lead to small interrruptions in our communication.

Gary Wells

Alain, Thanks so much.  I'll take it to the other board. The way I am starting to understand it the Yahoo format is basically "BLOB", hence the stringed message and reply setup.  I believe, and have been reading, that this format might not be transferable to a tabled database. By appending the reply to the previous message there's no way do deconstruct the subsequent messages automatically.  Workarounds include searchable documents, searchable 'out-of-forum' pages linked from the forum but still on the site. 
I did capture some 19,400 messages from this group using a program called PG Offline.  I also captured all the photos and files and am working on batch uploads but haven't mastered the retention of folders in the gallery (yet).  There's not much of a learning curve; more like a vertical line :)  

I turned on e-mail verification for the registration process. Let me know how that goes as there were several settings for using an internal vs. external email handler.  

Gary W. 
SM 209 "Adagio"
Fighting my first head cold all year :)


All right Gary,
I re-registered very easily. I received a validation email in the next 30 seconds. Excellent performance. One safety question: did it come so rapidly after a verification/comparison with a list of known adresses, because you were on line or because there was no verification?

For messages transfer did you have a look to the link ? it seems to be able to change the YAHOO format because it claims being able to deliver the download messages under Outook and Thunderbird format. If you wish I can make a trial.
Also the SMF team may adress this certainly frequent question ... if they answer. God test about support.

If you need any kind of help just ask.

For donation, I understand you suggest to donate to SMF, correct? If so, it may be interesting to open a thread called eg "SMF donation", where we can record as we donate in order to have knowledge about the group position versus donation... or any other kind of light info system reaching this target.