Engine Mechanics - Nothing to do with Jamie and Phantom


John (Popeye Maramu #91) wrote, "As an Amel owner, having a mechanic critisize the installation, in this case the exhaust system, raises alarm bells. As far as I know that's nearly always is a red herring resulting in a mechanic getting more work before eventually the logic of Amel is realised."


This is so true. When any mechanic or surveyor...or any other so-called expert begins to say something like, "we don't do it that way," or, "...that isn't the way it is done," fire the mechanic.

There are dozens of stories in this Yahoo Group about "experts" who ruined some really fine Amels while quoting some other "expert."

Thanks for the reminder, John....so few words, but lots of really good advice! I hope everyone reads it!


BeBe 387