Fw: Leroy Somer outhaul motor.


There is a company in Easton MD that rebuilds electric motors.  I just had my 3 electric furlerer motors rebuilt there at a most reasonable cost. 
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I have a much older electric furling system than most for my Sharki (#163 1988),  I called Amel and they reported they no longer support such a system.  I could find replacement motors but they did not seem as heavy duty as my old ones. I elected to re-build mine $830 total for all 3.

I also ordered new Bonfiglioli worm gears to replace my mast and boom furlers,  VF-44.

At present I have the assemblies at the paint shop getting ready to paint....then re-assemble.

Sharki #163, 1988


I have done extensive research on different alternatives when replacing these motors. I have contacted Emerson Industrial Automation out of St. Louis MO, USA and they were able to identify the motors used by Amel and are only able to distribute them in quantity's of 25 or more at a time. Unfortunately, these motors are not cheap to replace from Amel directly and cost 749.50 EUROS not including VAT or shipping. My suggestion would be to find source that rebuilds starter motors and see if a rebuild is possible. If not, unfortunately you may have to contact Amel and bite the bullet on this one. 

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Sorry, I misread your post.  I see you want the electric motor, not the gearbox.  I have no experience with the electric motor.


Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava


I just purchased a new Leroy Somer gearbox for the out haul from Amel in Le Marin, Martinique.  Amel SAV in La Rochelle told me they had them on back order last December, but Martinique had one, and I was going to be in Martinique anyway in January.

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  Subject: Leroy Somer outhaul motor.

Has any one replaced the Leroy Somer outhaul electric motor  and if so do you have a source for them. Would appreciate help here.
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