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Eric Freedman


I just purchased some Camp R7 anodes online. I was told by the diver who changed the zincs last, and by the electrician who specializes in hull potential problems that Camp zincs are much better than the Martyr zincs I was using. I'm not sure if I'll have to drill out the hole, but that's easy as others have said.  Since there was no evidence of a current leak causing my zincs to erode in 2 months, I am trying the higher quality zincs and using a 7" zinc rather than the 5" in an effort to have them last longer.

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I Use R5 zincs . I use a bench grinder to make a flat on the top for a washer and  drill a hole for a 10 mm bolt.
Has been working fine for 13 years.
Sm 376 kimberlite

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> I bought the standard R5 "trim tab" anode and the bolt is pretty
> small compared to the present bolt - about 1/2" according to the
> diver.
> Can someone give me a source for a suitable anode?
> Duane
> Wanderer SM477