SM Sea Chest Specifications

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Hello All:

May I offer my congratulations to BIll & Judy Rouse as well upon their completing their circumnavigation and their extensive and accurate contributions to this forum.  Those contributions enhance the value of every Amel owners boat, in my opinion.

Now for my stupid move confession and questions about the Super Maramu sea chest.

Yesterday afternoon while hurrying to complete preparations to leave our boat for 7 weeks, I was, as usual, flushing all the systems with fresh water.  I had closed the seacock, used one of the toilet sea water fill buttons to lower the water level in the sea chest a bit, opened the sea chest, placed the lid in a bucket along with the lightly fouled strainer.  I took those items to the finger pier to clean them.  While cleaning these items, I stupidly knocked the sea chest lid into the water at the slip.  I can attest that it does NOT float.  Now I am stuck, have to leave to catch a plane and have jeopardized my boat.  Dumb, Dumb, DUMB. 

I carefully monitored the water level in the sea chest for about 30 minutes and don't see that it is rising above the level of the engine supply line and I have no alternative but to leave, and pray, all the while having visions of my boat sinking in her slip. 

Questions that occurred to me while enduring my agonizing 14 hour trip home.  

1.  Is the top of the sea chest above waterline level?  I suppose it depends on how the boat is loaded.  I could have tested this by opening the sea cock a little to see fi the water level rose but in the heat of the moment I didn't do that.

2.  I believe the sea chest is an Amel modified Vetus unit.  Anybody have any idea if Amel can supply a new lid or if a new lid is available from Vetus?  I will contact Amel on Monday morning La Rochelle time to see if they can overnight a lid to Puerto Rico.

I have tried to find a diver to retrieve the lid but it was Saturday afternoon, two hours before dark.  Hoping to get somebody today (Sunday), but in the meantime I turn to you, my fellow forum members for any additional ideas.

Note to self, don't do stupid things. 


Gary Silver    s/v Liahona    SM #335    

Slip 1423,  Puerto Del Rey Marina   Fajardo, Puerto Rico


Does anyone have the size, model number and perhaps a source for the strainer for the Super Maramu 2000/Millenniums?  I usually spray it out outside the engine room and outside the cockpit and it is probably just a matter of time until it goes overboard.  
Bob, Las Vegas,NV 
Away from Kaimi SM429