Holding Tank Discharge Lock


Hmmmm...  Let me reconsider...

Some authorities say it is "suggested" that a Y-valve be secured, others say it is "required"...  The official Florida state website, for example says, "recommended"...

In any event, a lock, a handle removal, or a "non-reusable cable tie" are all listed as appropriate.  

I have had many boats inspected by the USCG, and they never asked to see the disabled handle.  But likely better to removed the handle as an easy solution.


There is no general requirement in US waters to lock the overboard discharge valve!

Some local jurisdictions or marinas might have such a rule, but it is most certainly not required in all US territorial waters.

That said, it is not legal to discharge your tank within 3 nautical miles of the coast, but you do not have to disable the discharge valve.

I have kept a boat in a marina which wanted the valve disabled.  Tying it shut with a plastic cable tie satisfied them.

Jeff Wingfield <ki4jde@...>

For those of you who are in or have been in US waters, how did you secure the valve for the holding tank discharge? I am puzzled as to an effective way of blocking the lever for the two valves.