Amel supermaramu second headsail


Hi friends,

I,m considering to install a second headsail on my GRAND CRU Supermaramu 2k redline #443; I guess it could be useful both in downwind (using the two headsails with the two poles ) and in  up wind (when the wind increases). Of course I have a lot of doubts about installation and I'm asking you some suggestions, draws or pictures about it. Moreover now I'm in Caribe and folks told me that the best place to do this project is in martinica (Le Marin - Caribe Marine) Do you have any experience about those guys?

Thanks for your help



Paul Osterberg

A few weeks back a posted some photos on my new inner forestay you can see them and some other Amels who have added a second forestay in the photo section
I also made some comments of installation and dimensions in the conversation section, you can search on inner forestay or on Kerpa. If you have questions please ask, however I don not think it's so useful for down wind, my aim is to be able to go up wind in higher wind strength, I do not like to run with a partly furled genoa. as it's not performing very well, and get more and more "baggy" the more it's furled and give more force to heal the boat than give speed.
One advantage down wind will be to sheet the stay sail har amidship to minimize rolling
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM #259