[Amel Yacht Owners] Bow thruster

Rick Grimes

Bill: I found an unidentifiable device on the Moondog photo album. A piece that appears to wrap around the shaft with two bolts on the side and four bolts above. I assume the four bolts are tightened to press against the motor and push the shaft down? Thanks!

Rick Grimes

First, congratulations on your circumnavigation. The spouses on Aloha and Rascal are especially in awe of Judy!

Second, Aloha is anchored next to Why Not from Cambridge who apparently just finished the ARC as well.

Third, back to business: would you agree it is the spline that is corroded into place? Also, I can't find the photo of the special tool. Can you point me to that photo?


Bill & Judy Rouse <yahoogroups@...>

There is a tool designed by Amel that will separate the tube from the motor.If they are stuck together, you have had salt water blow past the seals and probably have not used the locking pin. Search the Photo section for "thruster" and you will find the tool. I think any machine shop will be able to make one for you.

BeBe 387

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Out of the water (at Bobbies in St Martin--Dutch side) and trying to detach my bow thruster from the motor. Won't budge. The four Allen set screws have been removed. Supposedly supposed to drop straight down at this point. Banged, pulled, pushed. Most think the bow thruster shaft and bearings were contaminated with salt water and is the reason the prop is frozen. Suspecting the salt and corrosion throughout and up to the spline--freezing the spline in place. would normally use penetrating oil to help release it from the motor but can't access it. Ideas? Thoughts?