Vuda Point

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Bob,
as a Vuda point regular I was concerned to see how they had fared. So the pit boats were OK. How did the ones in the water and on the hardstand fare.
SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Thanks Alan for the quick reply.  I do have an automatic tuner and wondered if tuning to the longer physical length by adding in the triatic would be an advantage. 

In at in a pit at Vuda Marina and we were spared the worst of the cyclone.  I came back to check the condition myself and found Chara in the same condition as I left her.  Much relieved!

There are three other Amels here and all look good.

Thanks again,    Bob 

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Hi Bob,
If you have an automatic tuner there would be no advantage in connecting the triatic to your backstay. The tuner tunes the frequency to the length of the antenna automatically.
If you don't have an auto tuner then you need to be aware of the length of your antenna relative to the frequencies you want to use. Some will work well, others hardly at all.
Where in Fiji are you ?
You survived WINSTON ok ?