Alternator Valdo (60A/28v)

Paul Osterberg

I have problem with my Alternator, it stopped charging and I found a cable that where lose

The alternator is of Brand Valdo (60A/28v) a Turkish made one, do not know if it’s an original one.

All cable is fastened with ring cable terminals except one, a brown one that is fasten with a “flat male” terminal. Unfortunately the female terminal was broken off, and I can’t locate where it was broken off from at least not without disconnect the whole alternator, which I would like to avoid if possible. If someone has the same alternator you may know where I can locate the place for the broken terminal?


I am anyway planning to change to a larger Alternator, thinking of the Victron 150A/24v alternator. Anyone have experience with those? Or recommend any other alternator.

We have the Volvo TMD22 engine


Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259