Amel leg drive maintenance

ianjenkins1946 <>

Hi Guys 'n Gals,

I have just changed the oil on my leg drive. In doing so I compared the notes I had made in 2002 while watching the Amel engineer in La Rochelle show me for the first time  against  Amel's own notes. In the Amel notes , item 2, they show the key being removed from the prop shaft using pliers or a chisel.

I was surprised to see this, as both instruments can put a dent or a nick  in the stainless key.

The Amel engineer used a simpler solution--with a rubber hammer he tapped the key on the forward end, then on the aft end, and did this about 20 times, each time just a sharp tap.  ( I also give it a squirt of WD40)The effect is to gently rock the key , loosening it so that you can pick it out with your fingers.  No damage.

Ian and Judy,  Pen Azen, SM 302, Preveza, Greece