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this is a LEWMAR that you will be able to recognize if you go the the LEWMAR dot com website. Google search "lewmar sheet traveller".

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One of the sheaves of my main sheet traveler car has broken.  Does anyone know how to source a new sheave or a new traveler car?  I do not know the make and model of the traveler car on my Super Marmu redline -- Goiot, Antal,...?  It is no label on it.  Is there a recommendation of a traveler car that fits the existing track?  My main sheet traveler has been difficult to move since new.  Perhaps I need new bearings in addition to a new sheave.


   Mark Pitt
   "Sabbatical III" ASM #419, Carloforte, Italy


Joel F. Potter

Mark Pitt

Thanks Bill, Walter, and Olivier.  I think this is enough info to get the spares that I need.

  Mark Pitt
 Sabbatical III, ASM #419, Carloforte, Italy

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Please let us know where you find this.

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On May 30, 2016 3:18 PM, "mark_pitt@... [amelyachtowners]" <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Thanks Bill, Walter, and Olivier.  I think this is enough info to get the spares that I need.

  Mark Pitt
 Sabbatical III, ASM #419, Carloforte, Italy

Mark Pitt

My main sheet traveler had been getting more difficult to move in the past couple of years but I gave it little thought except to rinse it all with fresh water on occasion.  Moving the traveler suddenly became much worse during my recent passage from Sicily to Sardinia.  On arrival, I found that one of the sheaves of the traveler car (the one on the port side) had broken.  On further inspection, I also found that the sheave in the Antal deck block that is on the starboard side of the track was not turning at all.


It was very difficult to remove the bolts holding the sheaves of the traveler car, nor could I find a source for new sheaves.  I am in small island near Sardinia (Isola San Pietro) that lacks facilities to fabricate a sheave and I had a date to sail with friends.  At first, I considered buying a new traveler car.  The traveler car on my SM #419 is a Lewmar Ocean size 3, which is no longer in production.  According to Lewmar tech support, there is a newer version that will fit the Lewmar Ocean/NTR size 3 “Drilled Plunger Track” that the SM has.  That traveler is the NTR Torlon Ball Main Sheet Car with Shackle, part 29433400BK.  The problem is that one has to remove the track in order to install a new car.  The track is bolted into the deck, presumably through a metal plate glassed into the hull.  I was reluctant to try unbolting it especially since I had such trouble unbolting the sheaves from the existing traveler car. In addition, I found that the bearings on the traveler car were in excellent shape as the car moved very smoothly once the traveler control line was removed.


I was finally able to find a source for new sheaves for the traveler car.  I bought three Lewmar sheaves (9.80 euros each, part# 25000104 ) from http://www.international-boat-spares.com/.  With shipping and VAT it came out to 45 euros.  They are based in France but their web site is both in French and English. The new sheaves arrived quickly.  Beware that the little nylon inserts used in the traveler sheaves are not included in the replacement sheaves so be careful to hang on to them.


The sheave (Antal Mod. 06016/F) in the Anta block at the starboard side of the traveler track turned out to be more difficult to deal with.  It seemed crushed and does not turn well even when cleaned up.  Antal is an Italian product so I thought it would be easy to source a new sheave here but that is not the case.  One Italian chandlery told me that Antal was not a popular choice with Italian sailors!  I could not easily locate any mail order chandlery in Europe that would sell them to me.  However, Mauri Pro in the US has them in stock (Antal 60mm Sheave Marui Pro Code: XZANT06016F, Price: $ 36.52) and has an EU web site.  I will be back in the US briefly in August and will get one from Mauri Pro.  The two other Antal blocks in the traveler setup turn easily.  I do not know why this one was damaged.


While waiting for the all of this to unfold, I was able to use the traveler by using two spare Harken blocks in place of the built-in traveler care sheaves.  It worked great.  I removed the bolts that go through the traveler sheaves and used a soft shackle (just some Dyneema line) to connect each bolt to a Harken block.  The bolt is threaded along its entire length so I inserted the bolt through a bit of water hose and put the soft shackle around the hose acting as chafe protection.  I used small bits of line to hold the blocks just a couple of mm above the track.  It was very easy to move the traveler car with this setup.  Today I replaced this jury rigged system with the newly arrived Lewmar sheaves and the traveler car moves well but not as easily as with the blocks.  The Lewmar sheaves are just nylon turning on a threaded bolt, not the best system to reduce friction.


Mark Pitt

Sabbatical III, SM #419, Carloforte, Italy