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It is possible that you have a lot of growth on the transducer.

The way that you remove it is unscrew the retainer or the transducer and pull it out replacing it with the plug. Yes you will get some water. Depending on how good and quick you are from a few ounces up to a quart (liter).

These rarely fail and I am not sure of the test procedure, but you do not have to pull out the depth transducer to test it.

If I find the test procedure, I will post it.

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Is it possible to lift out the B&G Depth Transducer part 401-00-012 from inside the hull without sinking the boat? There is a Cap to replace the sensor. Is there any information available of how to test the unit, maintenance or whatever. I am getting the dreaded "- - - -" on my Hydra 2 FFD. It is possible a poor signal due to sitting in the marina berth for 6 months.

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Sorry for the delay with my reply Bill, some idiot during a previous ownership put a join inside my bow rail nav lights wiring and it shorted out, rewire was necessary, all good now. I am not going to risk withdrawing the transducer, I have a very dry boat and I do not want to risk water gushing inside. I do agree, I have not heard of any failures, guess a dip in the tide will be necessary, thank you all the same.

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