Notes on Photos Section information

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi All:

I would like to suggest a couple of items that might make the forum more useful:

1.  When posting photos on a specific topic, try to find an existing appropriate file folder to post them in.  Collecting all items, for example on "outhaul gearbox" in one file folder is far more useful than having those photos scattered all over the photos section listed under various boat names or individually.  

2.  As you post your photo, take the opportunity to post comments attached to the photo (look for the little comment icon in the lower right hand corner of the window) with extra details about the photo such as what type of boat it applies to, details about removal or part numbers etc).

Likewise, when looking at photos, take the opportunity to look at those comments as they often have valuable information/details about the photo and they are searchable. 

Just a thought to help us all. 


Gary S. Silver

s/v Liahona

Amel SM 2000  #335

Puerto Del Rey Marina  Puerto Rico