Bow Thruster and wear bushing service hints that are not in instructions

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Someone asked me for some service hints.

The following is what I wrote and wanted to share with everyone. When I have good enough internet, I will add these hints to the instructions.

Prop shaft wear bushing hints:
After removing the bushing and seals, clean the surface that the outside of the seals press against...the inside walls should be smooth. They probably need cleaning. This is where some water will enter. It will feel rough like should be smooth. Use wet-dry fine sandpaper.

Remove the new O ring inside the new wear bushing. Grease it and fill its slot in the bushing with waterproof grease. Reinsert the O ring. This is where some water will enter.

Orientation and position of the seals are equally very important. A common mistake is to have the outer seal in the wrong position (in/out), and/or change orientation of the seals because you think you are smarter than Captain Amel. Read the instructions carefully. Double check as you do it. You might damage one of these seals. Always be sure to have extras.

Bow Thruster service hints:
The specs of the shaft seal on the bow thruster has changed. I hope you saw that thread. A common mistake is to not press this seal all the way in. I use RTV on this seal. I have not used the new size yet. I will next time.

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