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Just bought a Maramu nr 116 46' built 1982 ... boat had been afloat sin april 2014, moored idle since jan-2015. Fairly good condition on top, hull under covered in marine growth. Came our of water april 20, cleaned & sanded showed numerous bubbles (1" dia average) which started bleeding. Measured humidity at 18% below water line & 22% deeper down on hull, well above acceptable values. Surveyor confirmed heavy osmosis.
Kept boat on shore to dry until now june 2016, & boat dried up (current values < 15% humidity.
1) amel boat are well built, & humidity keeps on surface, does not creep under outside layers.
2) best way to reduce humidity is to keep boat in dry storage when not used for extended period.
3) osmosis on our boat was due to poor maintenance & cheap (material & work) antifouligs.
4) osmosis will not sink our boats.
Fair winds

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Our family is looking at the Amel 46' for sale in Stuart, Fl (SV Pura Vida).  Can anyone recommend a good Amel surveyor in the region?

Also, are hull blisters a common problem on this boat (1983 build).

It sure is an awesome boat!!

Melbourne Beach, FL