[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Upgrade to Raymarine ES97 MFD

Germain Jean-Pierre <jgermain@...>

Greetings Gang,

Eleuthera is hull number 007!!!  When we bought her she had not had any upgrade since day one.

We changed all electronics and for many resons we chose Raymarine:
- More dealers
- Price
- Integration

The items we chose are:
- A 98 plotter at the helm with Down Vision option
- A 75 plotter at the nav station.
- AP 400 hydraulic autopilot.  We kept the 7000 too.
- AIS A & B
- Radar 12 KW with bar transmitter (72 NM)

The benefits:
- The NAV station is far less cluttered.  The previous Furuno CRT is gone.
- All Ray gear is integrated in WIFI.
- Can control the boat through the iPad or i Phone.
- We added 2 large book bins with the space saved by the upgrade.
- Redundancy is better.

GL with your decision

Jean-Pierre Germain,
SY Eleuthera, Amel Super Maramu 007

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Yes, we also have 3 GPS sources:

1.  The B&G ZG100 GPS sensor
2.  The GPS built into the B&G Zeus2
3.  The GPS antenna dedicated to the B&G AIS (NAIS-400)

Any of those can be set as the "master" for the entire network.  I've switched among them on the fly and tried to see if there was any difference in position or SOG, and as expected, there was nothing discernible.


SM2K n. 350