Hurth Gearbox

Jim Anderson

On SM 384 equipped with the Yanmar 4JH3HTE, for preventative maintenance I recently removed and had rebuilt the 5 sea water cooled heat exchangers: engine heat exchanger, engine oil cooler, engine turbo inter-cooler, generator heat exchanger, and the Hurth reduction gear cooler. Along the sea water supply hose that goes to the Hurth cooler there is a yellow and green bonding wire. I forget where it is supposed to go.It's length appeears to end at about the end of the little heat exchanger and the wire is stripped for a short section about 5" before it ends. Does anyone happen to recall where and/or how the bonding wire is attached?  (Photo posted in Photos section. Thanks,
SM 384 Sirena Azul
Ketchikan, Alaska


Hi Jim,
there is a little hose clamp at the fitting of the hydraulic hose - this connects the oil cooler of the gear box to the bonding system. I suppose this will fit to the stripped section of the wire. I´m not sure about the end of the wire and currently not on the boat to check.

Walter (Noa, SM2K #436)


Hi Jim,
That 5" end should be clamped on the pole that supports the inter-cooler, therfore bonding it. 

Bob, KAIMI SM 429