B&G Sonic Speed

ofer magen

Thanks to all.
As my boat is now in Limassol Cyprus, do you know a good b&g technician there?

Ofer Magen

Alan Leslie

I've researched all the msgs on this topic 'cos I thought ours had died.

Yesterday when we were about to enter Suva Harbour, Fiji, the B&G boat speed instrument went crazy - down to 2 knots then up to 10, down to 2 ...sat still on 6 (the speed we were actually doing) then up to 10, down to 2...bizarre behaviour. At anchor off the Royal Suva Yacht Club (I can't see what is so Royal about it!) the readings were between 0 and 3 knots.....

This morning its just the same...opened the processor box, read the manual...says the LED should be red...it's not...manual says adjust the spacing knob...OK...find a spot where its red...instrument readout is even more crazy......manual says probably the processor needs replacing...great !

Motoring out of Suva harbour still crazy...dive below...the LED has gone out...readjust the spacing knob to get  it red again...still nuts....

THEN as we passed out of the reef ...about the same place that it went nuts yesterday, it suddenly seems to come right....weird...

We slowed the boat down, and sure enough boat speed went down, sped up to 8 knots and its spot on, back down to 6.5 knots...still OK...and its been fine ever since....

Anybody had this experience ??

BTW I found a place in the US that has a circuit board for the processor, I may buy it just in case.



Elyse SM437

18 22.87S, 178 09.14E