Rudder leaky


Brause I am with my IPhone only, I Goulds mit durch for former discussions. Hope, you can help The rudder trunk of my SM#34 is somewhat leaky (1-2 Ltr. by day, more under sail). The big 70mm. PU- Mother, who acts as a kind of packing, I will tight a little denser. Two questions on this: how much do I have to tighten the nut and in which direction? I think right side. is that correct?
How I notice when the mother is in the end? Stenella is 26 years old and to this screw I've never turned.
If the screw needs to be replaced, is it possible in the water, or needs the ship to be dug?

Sincerly, Martin, SV Stenella, in time @ Mediterranian Sea, Croatia.

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava


The nylon packing nut goes clockwise to tighten, as viewed from above.  There is an L plate held in place by two screws that keeps the nut from turning by itself.  Remove the L plate and tighten the nut by 1/6 of a turn and see if that stops the leak. It should not take much adjusting.

If the nut will not further turn, it may be time to remove the rudder quadrant, remove the nut, pick out the packing and replace it.  Amel SAV have an exact replacement for the packing, and can even supply a new nylon nut if you need it.

I believe that this packing replacement is best done out of the water (someone speak up if it can be done in the water).  However the nut tightening can be done in the water.

Derick Gates
On the hard in Antigua