BeBe Amel Super Maramu 2003 Model #387

David Vogel <dbv_au@...>

Hi Bill & Judy,

Although we've not met, a huge vote of thanks for all the info and assistance you have offer to ourselves as we have been researching and prepping to enter the AMEL community as owners.  Your commitment, time, energy, enthusiasm for all things AMEL, a true devotee, is both awe-inspiring and more than a little bit intimidating.  Your contributions to the community can not be underestimated, and you will be sorely missed.

Leanne & I wish you all the very best as you enjoy your final days afloat, and then swallow the pick to move towards a new life ashore. 

With best regards,

David & Leanne Vogel


Hi Judi and Bill cogatulatiob to end your circumnavigation. 

Thank you for your knowledge In the Forum, and I,hope  you share it for a long time

SY Baloo SM 222


Dan Carlson

I especially want to thank Bill and Judy for helping Lori and I become Amel owners.    We were well on our way to buying an Amel when much to our surprise and delight we learned of the opportunity to buy sv BeBe.  

Lori and I first came across Bill and Judy's blog several years ago when we started getting serious about our exit strategy from the full time workforce and family raising.   Bill and I had a great conversation about the boats shortly after that and then about a year ago I joined the Amel owners group to begin to get a better knowledge of the boats and the community that owns and cares for them.   And we also spent a very educational day with Joel Potter this spring (whom we had also met 20 years ago when we made a first attempt at cutting the lines).  All that came quickly to a head when we heard that Bill and Judy were thinking about swallowing the anchor. 

We had four intense days aboard BeBe in Trinidad where we agreed on the purchase and we are looking forward to two weeks of on-boarding with Bill and Judy when we close on the boat in January down in the USVI.  We will then be looking forward to meeting more of you as we are out and about and will begin to interact more through this forum as we undoubtedly run into questions.  

Best Regards  Dan & Lori Carlson 
Soon to be owners SM #387

Jim Anderson


I enthusiastically second Kent's remarks. Your contributions to our group have been enormous, thorough, helpful, understandable, sensible and easy to understand.It would not be unreasonable to consider you, alongside Joel and Oliver, one of the the Dali Lamas of Super Maramu. Thank you for all of your contributions over the years.
SM 384 Sirena Azul
Fiords National Monument Wilderness, Alaska



Thank you for all of your contributions to this forum, and to Peg and I in particular.  You will be sorely missed.

I liked your comment about having our boats in condition for inspection!  I'm a perfectionist at heart (but stand ready to accept reality) and it seems like I'm in good company!

Best regards to you and Judy,
Duane & Peg
Wanderer SM#477



The best day of our lives was the day that we stepped aboard BeBe. She has been a wonderful home to take us to over 50 countries and sail over 35,000 miles in our journey around the world. We truly believe that we could not have made a better choice and we know that there is no other boat that we would want to sail on this journey.

Part of owning an Amel is being part of what I refer to as a group of likeminded individuals (Cult) that will accept nothing but the best. Many strive to keep their Amels ready for inspection by Captain Amel. I know that we do. The Amel Yacht Owners Group, and especially Olivier and Joel, have been very large contributors to BeBe being ready for the Captain's inspection; and we very much appreciate all of you who have contributed to the group and have helped us.

All great things must some day end and Judy and I believe that leaving BeBe should be done at a high point rather than forced to leave because of illness or the inability to properly maintain our Amel. This year is our 11th year and is certainly a high point after closing our circle around the world.

It is with a huge amount of regret that we have a contract to sell BeBe. However, we know that she is in good hands with her soon to be new owners Dan and Lori Carlson. They are members of the Amel Owners Group and they take the helm in January in the Virgin Islands.


Bill & Judy ROUSE

BeBe #387, but not for long