Super Maramu FRIENDSHIP II Hull #415 From San Francisco

John Clark

Hi Bill,
    It always stirs our curiosity when we find an abandoned house..or boat, it seems like there should be a story associated with it.  It's sad though when it is something as well thought out and constructed like an Amel.  If you can post some pictures.  Maybe the boatyard will let you know who is paying the bills...someone has spent a bit to keep her there for the last eight years...and we all know there is someone else out there that would care for her better than time and the elements.




Having owned a Maramu that the previous owner was into for close to 250k when I bought it for substantially less, I'd advise caution about buying a basket case in the Caribbean. That's not a good place to undertake a major refit. Unless you're experienced and have extensive yacht refit experience under your belt, you'll be far better served buying a boat that's been well maintained and equipped.