Rollbar stability


Hi guys! We're new in the group and we hope someone could help us.

We've a Santorini; we let doing a rollbar in order to hold 4 solar panels and a wind generator. Aesthetically it's very nice. But if you scroll it, it swings ; the blacksmith says that's the normal steel torsional elasticity. We're afraid it could damage the washboard, because the arch is based on it. We will send also some photos to show you how it works. If some engineer would help us...

Stefania and Dietmar "Euploia"-Santorini 93


Haven't seen pics. But common with open fisherman.  Bad design you should add 45 degree legs mounted inwards. Your deck bolts will end up ripping out. My humble ingnorant opinion. 


Wow! Intregated. Came out incredible. Shame it pivots but it can be fixed. Good luck.

Hull #33 Mango 83. Sarqui. Daniel


Stefania and Dietmar,


Welcome. Your arch looks very neat. To reduce flexing you could easily add some braces inside the top corners. An easy way would be to use short lengths of  matching stainless tubing with stainless clamps made for biminis or guardrails and use on maybe just the aft pair of pillars so you don't need some welding.


John, Maramu 91, Popeye