Oman won't start!

Mawgan grace

Hi all. I haven't run my 3yr old Onan generator for about 1-2months. It turns over but won't even think about starting. I've changed the fuel filter, both relays and water pump. The fuel pump is ticking away and my main fuel tank has just over half fuel level left. I've primed it for 30sec to a minute but no joy. Any ideas??


SM Jovic #310
Gold Coast Hong Kong

SM Jovic #310
Hong Kong Gold Coast

Stephanie DiBelardino <stephiedib@...>

We had similar problems. We changed the "brain" (control panel), and had no more problems.

Stephanie DiBelardino
SM 2000 353 "Indecent"
Soverel Harbour Marina, Slip 18
Palm Beach Gardens, FL