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Tony Robinson <tonywrobinson51@...>

Hello everyone.

My genny furler motor - a Balmar - failed yesterday while reefing the genny. I anticipate getting a replacement from either Amel or Balmar but if this has happened to anyone else and they have comments on repair/replacement I would be grateful to hear.

Regards, Tony Robinson (Catriona R - Amel 54 #102. Currently in Cleopatra Marine, Preveza).



Bamar changed their design from the belt driven model that you have to a gear driven design. There was a falling-out between Amel and Bamar over the failures of the model you have, so Amel to Bamar may not be the best route. Maybe someone who has done this can comment. 

Look in the Files Section and you will find a letter from Bamar regarding an upgrade offer for Amel owners. That offer is expired, but I think they will honor it. Start with that in making decisions. 


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Mohammad Shirloo

Hello Tony;

On our 54, the staysail furler sounded rough from the time we purchased her. After a few months of cruising, the Genoa furler started sounding the same. When I removed the inspection cover on the furlers water poured out and I noticed that all lubrication had fallen away from the gears.

We contacted Riza of Emek Marin in Turkey (since we were still in Turkey) and he referred a rigger that worked on most Bamars in Turkey. He removed both furlers, dismantled them and found that all bearings had rusted and the seals had failed. He replaced all bearings and seals and belts and reinstalled them. He mentioned that the top seals on the Bamars fail due to drying and water seeps into the furler. He also removed the top plastic cover on the furlers because he said that moisture gets trapped under the plastic and corrodes the aluminum and stainless. They have been running smooth and with out any issues since.

We considered replacing them with the new offer from Bamar and the letter they had sent for Amel owners. However after numerous e-mails (that would come back with a read receipt, so I know they are receiving the e-mails) we never got a response back.

In talking with Olivier, who did the survey for us, he mentioned that the majority of the 54s are sailing with the original furlers without issues. The main thing to remember is that both furlers, especially the Genoa furler, have to be furled under very low loads by making sure the sheets are eased to the point that the Genoa begins to luff before furling. 

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further info.

Mohammad & Aty
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