[Amel Yacht Owners] Zinc-anodes for rudder

Kent Robertson

I am using an R7 Camp rudder zinc (7" diameter) purchased online.  It is expensive, but deteriorates much more evenly than cheaper zincs I have used (i.e. Martyr zincs). I switched to these zincs because my hull potential showed inadequate zinc protection.  These have 70% more surface area than the 5" dia zincs, and have brought my hull potential into the "protected" range.

SM 243

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I am looking for a source to buy spare zinc-anodes for the rudder, prefered in Europe. On KALI MERA I need anodes with a diameter of 125mm and a center-hole of 10mm (the bolt to the rudder-stock is 10mm).  The anodes that I have seen in the chandleries (like budget marine...) or found in the internet all have a smaller hole in the center (~8mm), so I have to drill it to fit.  As my old spare parts did fit exactly there must be a source somewhere...


KALI MERA, SN120, Trinidad